Audrey & McKenna Foundation

No Cost Cremation Boxes For Families Who Have Lost Children

One small help, for those who have experienced the loss of a child.


I am a full time firefighter/paramedic but own a custom woodworking shop as a side business. I built our girls a maple and bolivian rose wood box and it struck my wife and I that this could be where our daughters make a difference. The prices of urns at a funeral home and online, range from around $85 to as expensive as you can imagine.

The Audrey and McKenna foundation will build, personalize, and ship, hand-crafted, hardwood cremation boxes completely free of charge to a family in need who has lost a child from gestation to the age of 5, in the last six months. 

The costs of the material for the boxes and getting them to the family will be paid for using donations from incredible people like you! All craftsmanship hours on the boxes will be completely volunteered and in no way will we ever be compensated financially. We strive to bless as many families as possible as the years come, and with your help, we can give a baby lost, a cremation box that their parents are proud of.

Boxes are shipped to partner hospitals and families within 3-4 days of receiving the request.

Our Story

On August 29th of 2019, at 9 weeks pregnant, my wife and I found out that we should not just be excited to be pregnant with our second baby, but also our third! 

Boxes Shipped